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Ten Things to Consider


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Ten Things Nonprofit Organizations Need
to Consider in Risk Management

1. General Liability insurance is for the benefit of an unknown third party.

2. Under our special social service general liability policies volunteers are included as insureds. This means that their activities on behalf of the agency would be covered in the event of a law suit.

3. Liability includes four separate coverages: General, Professional, Directors and Officers and Automobile.

4. Volunteers need to be advised that, unless they are covered under the organization’s workers compensation, they must be responsible for their own medical insurance in the event of an accident. (Note: private passenger auto policies do offer up to $50,000 med pay.)

5. All persons performing duties on behalf of the organization who are professionals by training should be mentioned in the application whether they are employees, 1099 contractors, or volunteers.

6. All special events should be reported to the agent. Information needed includes date, number of participants, activities, amount of money expected to result and whether liquor is to be served or not.

7. Crime policies (employee dishonesty) require that a person who reconciles the bank statement be one who does not deposit or withdraw and countersignatures on checks (except small petty cash type checks).

8. Information required for persons authorized as drivers includes their name as it appears on their drivers license, date of birth, drivers license no. and state.

9. Find out from your agent what you should do in the event of a serious claim, such as a tornado or automobile accident with serious injuries. Some of our carriers have 24 hour 800 numbers.

10. Work closely with your agent. No question is too small! Ask questions. Tell your agent as you add programs, locations etc. Your agent is part of your planning process!